Is it time for the Chicago White Sox to fire manager Pedro Grifol?

The Sox are 62-110 under Grifol.
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Will firing him solve the team's problems?

The answer is unfortunately no. This team is going to be awful with Grifol as the manager or not. Not even La Russa from the early 1980s (when he was a good manager) could get much out of this team.

The Sox will still struggle to score runs. They will still make fielding and base running gaffes. They will continue to be an embarrassment on most nights.

The decision to focus on defense and good clubhouse chemistry in the offseason has left this team in shambles. The owner is mostly to blame as his self-imposed financial restraints led to the title window closing along with allowing the previous front office regime to become chaotic. Jerry Reinsdorf then promoted Getz who did not deserve the job and then added even more financial constraints to where Getz could not turn things around quickly as Jerry promised.

Still, Pedro is a terrible manager and maybe getting him out of the manager seat could at least shake the White Sox out of this early-season slump. They do have Charlie Montoyo on the coaching staff who could easily move over and manage the team better. Heck, they could pull Ozzie Guillen out of the television studio too.

Anyone at this point could probably do a better job than Grifol, except the lack of talent probably will not add a lot of victories.