5 more ways the Chicago White Sox were an embarrassment last week

Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports
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The Chicago White Sox are going to be bad this season, but the hope was it would not be this bad so early in the season.

The Sox started the season getting swept by the Detroit Tigers during the season-opening series. They then had a bad viral moment when last Monday's game had to be delayed in the eighth inning because no one could find first-base coach Jason Bourgeois. It was not like a whole half-inning had been played after the game was initially delayed because of rain.

Oh wait, that did happen, and when the easy excuse of nature called should have been used, manager Pedro Grifol decided to go with Bourgeois was watching game tape. Why is that a poor excuse? Well, it shows that the manager who wants to be detail-oriented neglected to go find his first-base coach the moment the Atlanta Braves portion of the eighth ended.

Oh, and then the White Sox re-signed starting pitcher Mike Clevinger. Bringing back a player with a very controversial past does not exactly mesh with the offseason desire to have good character guys in the clubhouse.

Usually, a Monday like that should have been rock bottom for a normal franchise. The Sox specialize in continuing to find new bottoms. However, Tuesday was a brief ray of sunshine when starting pitcher Garrett Crochet dominated the Braves and the Sox got their first victory of the season.

That seems like a lifetime ago as the White Sox found five more ways to embarrass themselves during the rest of the week.