What can Hanser Alberto do to contribute to the White Sox roster in 2023?

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Hanser Alberto is going into his eighth major league season this year and it's on a one-year minor league deal with the Chicago White Sox.

Before his arrival with the White Sox, he played for the Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles, the Kansas City Royals, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The White Sox have options at the utility position entering the 2023 season and Alberto's spring training campaign this year has been nothing but vigorously productive.

Alberto is batting .471 with a 1.265 OPS in 17 plate appearances.

The White Sox would love to see Hanser Alberto become something.

Hanser Alberto was the most recent interviewee on the White Sox Talk podcast. Alberto and Chuck Garfien had a great talk about what he expects out of himself for 2023, especially off the field.

Pedro Grifol showed high remarks for the utility man discussing how well Hanser hits right-handed pitching. He also spoke highly about how he plays a considerable amount of positions defensively.

Grifol believes he will be a great human in the clubhouse and at the end of the day, he knows Alberto wants to win baseball games just as much as anyone else. The first thing on Alberto's mind is how to win and the White Sox should see that version of him in 2023.

Chuck Garfien has shown his interest in Hanser Alberto for a long time now and the discussion between the two was interesting to listen to.

Hanser Alberto wants to bring energy to the White Sox clubhouse in 2023 and wants to bring joy to everyone on his team.

He cares about everyone in his club and plans to ensure everyone is on the same page. Alberto is a player that the White Sox didn't have in 2022 and his addition in 2023 could have a positive impact.

Hanser Alberto is going to show up every day to compete and win the most baseball games possible. He wants to have fun with his teammates while working productively.

He is an all-around passionate baseball player and is now known for being a fan and player favorite in the Los Angeles Dodgers clubhouse last season. The Dodgers relied on him to execute the same role daily, which led to him being a big part of the Dodgers' success in 2022.

Whether it's cracking a joke or giving advice, Alberto is a team-first leader that wants everyone to succeed. His role will be the same during his time in Chicago.

Hanser Alberto is a big fan of Pedro Grifol. He believes in Grifol strictly because he's a winner. Alberto spoke highly of Grifol's leadership/competitive edge and he expects the new White Sox skipper to play a big part throughout the 2023 MLB season.

Alberto is expecting a special year from the Chicago White Sox if they can collectively stay healthy. He came to Chicago because of the great opportunity and connection with Pedro Grifol.

Many players on the White Sox staff have spoken highly of Pedro Grifol and you can add Hanser to that list without even thinking about it.

Alberto is a great weapon to have off the bench talent-wise and his energy in the clubhouse can lead to an entertaining roster in Chicago this year.

Hanser Alberto and the White Sox are ready to work hard and play competitive baseball. It will be interesting to watch how it all plays out for the club in 2023.

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