What should the Chicago White Sox do with Eloy Jimenez?

Eloy Jimenez can't seem to find a way to stay healthy. What should the White Sox do with the injury-prone Dominican Republic native?
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The Chicago White Sox have Eloy Jimenez controlled through the 2026 major league season. At the time the contract was signed, Jimenez had promising hopes of being a big-time slugging outfielder.

While the White Sox have gotten flashes of his potential, it's mostly been overlooked by his lack of staying healthy.

The amount of injuries and games he hasn't played grows higher every day. It seems that Jimenez may never live up to the hype he had when he was traded to the south side along with Dylan Cease for Jose Quintana.

Eloy Jimenez is to be considered an "untouchable" during this year's Trade Deadline but would they be wrong for at least observing the offers thrown their way for him?

By no means has Jimenez been bad during his tenure with the White Sox but if another organization wants to take a chance on him and have a fair or advantageous offer in return, it may end up helping the White Sox in the long run.

The Chicago White Sox have an issue with one of their best players.

There's a realistic chance the White Sox will not be seeing October baseball this season and potentially not for quite a while if they go through a selling process throughout the next couple of weeks.

With Jimenez's contract expiring after 2026, it would benefit the White Sox to trade him right now rather than doing it with fewer years of control on his deal.

There's no way of truly knowing how prospects will end up performing but getting multiple players for the future by just getting rid of one player who can't stay on the field for over half a season is something to consider.

If the White Sox do keep Jimenez, and it seems like they will, he needs to figure out a way to maintain his health.

Jimenez still has time to unleash his potential on the baseball diamond, considering he's only 26 years old. If he wants to get any serious money throughout his professional career, he's going to have to prove he can play full-length seasons without injuring himself.

Eloy Jimenez is loved in Chicago but it's a move that may have to be made in order to make future White Sox teams a whole lot better than they have been as of late

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