What will the White Sox get when Tim Anderson and Yoan Moncada return?

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

If you had to choose a word for the Chicago White Sox season so far, you might choose the word dismal. That’s just one of the many negative connotations that can sum up their season to date. Some phrases that you might want to choose include “off the rails” and “injury-riddled”.

The White Sox are certainly no stranger to injury. Some of their biggest stars and most important starters are out with injuries or illnesses right now and it’s showing in the win and loss columns.

There are two players that the White Sox wouldn’t mind seeing come back sooner rather than later. Those players are shortstop Tim Anderson and third baseman Yoan Moncada.

Looking at the impact that Anderson would have on the team when he returns, anyone who is a fan of the White Sox knows that Tim is their emotional leader.

He’s the guy that keeps the “engine running” on this team and provides inspiration that the team needs to keep going and seemingly play hard. Anderson is a huge part of the White Sox and his absence is noticeable.

The Chicago White Sox are going to be getting some help soon.

Anderson suffered a knee injury in a collision on the basepaths and should be back sometime in early to mid-May. The White Sox really need to get him back not only for his leadership but also for his consistent play at the plate.

Before he got hurt, Anderson was swinging the bat well and taking care of business at the plate. The White Sox need that consistency back.

Moncada’s absence has been suppressed somewhat by what his replacement, Jake Burger, has been able to do at the plate.

Burger has been solid in replacing Moncada at the plate but he has made a couple of mistakes playing third base. Moncada is a better third baseman than Burger is right now but Burger is a better hitter.

The White Sox need to find a way to keep both Burger and Moncada on the roster at the same time especially if Burger continues hitting the way he has.

Not only that but they need to find a way to get them both in the lineup at the same time. Imagine if Moncada plays as well as he did to start the season and if Burger can continue to bang out home runs the White Sox offense will pick up and maybe they will start winning more games.

It’s hard to play and win when you are down some of your top talents. The White Sox clearly misses the guys that are out right now and need to get them back soon to get back on track.

The team must miss Anderson a lot, especially because of what he provides in terms of leadership. He’s consistent and he’s needed in that lineup. The White Sox must get him back if they are to succeed. Chicago will win more games with Anderson back.

Moncada could be a bit of a different story. If Burger keeps things up, Moncada (or possibly Eloy Jimenez at the designated hitter spot) could be out of a job. They may not miss Moncada as much, necessarily. 

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