White Sox GM Rick Hahn is the worst GM in the American League

San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox have had a lot of problems in 2023. They are following up their mediocre 2022 season with this garbage that has a lot of people thinking that they are actually just a bad team.

Tony La Russa isn't here to blame anymore. He was awful too but there is no doubt that Rick Hahn is the worst GM in the American League.

He hired Pedro Grifol and that is considered to be his hire. So far, Grifol has been awful. Do you know who else has been awful? Most of the roster that Rick Hahn has put together.

He has overspent for players like Andrew Benintendi, Yasmani Grandal, Kendall Graveman, and Joe Kelly amongst others. That money could have been used in much smarter places.

Chicago White Sox GM Rick Hahn is the worst in the American League.

Some people might bring up how bad of an owner Jerry Reinsdorf is. Those people would be correct. Having an owner like him doesn't make things any easier on Rick Hahn. However, that doesn't earn Hahn a pass after all these years of being terrible.

There are a lot of underfunded Major League Baseball teams out there that are a lot better than the White Sox with even smaller payrolls.

The Oakland A's are really bad this year but they have been really good in the recent past on a much smaller budget. The Tampa Bay Rays are currently the best team in the American League and they have a way tighter budget than the White Sox.

All of those teams are just smarter than the White Sox. Rick Hahn has made a couple of smart moves like the Jose Quintana trade or Liam Hendriks signing but it is mostly outweighed by the bad moves.

It also doesn't help that most of the core he built has been decimated by injuries over the last three years. It should all fall at his feet just as much as it did Tony La Russa and Jerry Reinsdorf. They are all awful.

Rick Hahn's job is probably not in jeopardy because of the fact that it is a poorly ran organization but things won't change unless changes are made. Having a GM this bad isn't going to help them win.

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