White Sox 3 all-time best first baseman in franchise history

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The Chicago White Sox have a lot of great players in franchise history. Their success as a team (or lack thereof) doesn't really reflect the amount amazing players that have put on that uniform.

Right now, the White Sox are hoping that all of the talented players on their roster come together and win something big. One player that they are high on right now is Andrew Vaughn.

Of course, Andrew Vaughn is trying to become the next great first baseman in franchise history. That is the most successful position in team history.

When you look at the list of players that played the position for the team, you see some superstar talent. These are the three best in franchise history:

3. Jose Abreu

Jose Abreu is one of the best single players in Chicago White Sox history.

The third-best first baseman in franchise history is Jose Abreu. This might upset White Sox fans right now because of the fact that he freshly is gone from the organization after so many years of great success. He will spend the next three seasons with the Houston Astros.

Abreu won an American League MVP in 2020 which is the highlight of his White Sox tenure. The only issue with him was that the team didn't have any playoff success while he was there. That was anything but his fault.

Abreu's 243 home runs rank third on the all-time White Sox leaderboard. There is no doubt that he was an outstanding and incredibly consistent hitter for a very long time. Not only will he go down as one of the best first basemen in franchise history, but one of the best players and leaders.