White Sox: 3 biggest hurdles for Chris Getz to get over

Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox did it. They made the curious decision to hire Chris Getz to be the new General Manager and Senior Vice President.

This is an unserious decision by an unserious organization but now we are all rooting for him to prove us wrong.

For whatever reason, he is the guy who has the job now so he is going to be tasked with some big-time decisions.

It isn't going to be easy, especially at first. These are the biggest hurdles Getz is going to have to overcome to succeed:

1. The Response To His Hiring

Chris Getz needs to manage the emotions that will come with this job.

Chris Getz is going to see all of the hatred that follows his hiring. There is no doubt that he will know that most people in White Sox land don't like it.

He is going to have to have some thick skin to get through it. It will be on him and his actions to silence the critics. Again, that is not going to be easy as it appears that he is in over his head.

When you are a general manager in Major League Baseball, you are going to make mistakes and people are going to roast you when you do.

Getz has that times ten in Chicago as he replaces Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams. The good news is that we almost all saw this coming ahead of time so he will be used to it by now.

He'd turn himself into a Chicago favorite quickly if he proved everyone wrong and started to turn this team around.