White Sox: 3 Gavin Sheets trade packages with the Philadelphia Phillies

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox have been a very interesting team since the end of the 2020 MLB season. In 2021, they were one of the best in the American League and then failed to reach that plateau again in 2022.

One person who was a big part of both years was Gavin Sheets. He is a first baseman by trade but has adapted to the outfield in order to help his team.

Now, it is clear that the White Sox are doing some things to address the defense in the outfield while improving their offense as well.

Sheets is a big power bat from the left side but it appears that his role with the White Sox is going to diminish. It is sad because he has been a great player for the White Sox but it might be time for them to move on as quickly as they can while his value is still decent.

If he doesn't have a good year in 2023 or doesn't play much, it is going to be much harder to trade him after the year. There might be an opportunity now to move him to a team that could say that needs him badly.

The Philadelphia Phillies could be a team interested in Gavin Sheets.

The Philadelphia Phillies lost Rhys Hoskins due to a non-contact ACL tear. That is likely going to keep him out for the entire season. They have a few options for his replacement at first base but they could think about Gavin Sheets.

Sheets would be able to go to a contender and possibly play his natural position a lot more if the Phillies took this risk. One of these three trade packages might be enough to get it done: