White Sox: 3 internal options that make more sense than trading for a player

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The Chicago White Sox have a lot of issues going on with their team right now. There are plenty of holes that the White Sox could fill if they become buyers at the deadline.

However, they are a very bad team and don't deserve to be in the playoffs. For that reason, it would be smarter to fill in those holes internally instead of making a trade.

They might be sellers at that point but that is a good thing when it comes to the future of the franchise.

These are three internal options that make more sense than going out and trading for a player:

1. Lenyn Sosa

The Chicago White Sox could consider bringing Lenyn Sosa back up.

Lenyn Sosa makes much more sense for this team than making a trade for a second baseman. He is actually doing very well in AAA right now.

The White Sox should have never brought him in from AA last year. They hardly played him and it wasn't great for his development.

He is showing that he is a good player during his time with Charlotte. The trade deadline might be a good time for the White Sox to bring him in for second base.

If they do that though, they need to play him as the starter close to every day. They don't need to let Elvis Andrus play second anymore. He isn't that good anymore.

If they want to rotate with Romy Gonzalez that is fine but Sosa should play on the field regardless of what level he is at. Leave him down in AAA if he is going to be benched but he is a good internal option right now.