White Sox: 3 people that could replace Rick Hahn as GM

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The Chicago White Sox fired Rick Hahn on Tuesday night. Kenny Williams was sent out the door as well.

Seeing both of them go is good for the White Sox organization as a whole. There are plenty of problems with the organization right now and someone new needs to come in and fix them.

It would be nice to see the White Sox go outside of the organization to find a replacement as that is not something they usually do.

Although going outside to find someone would be smart, they may not do that. Whoever they do decide, however, we have to hope they find a way to get things going in the right direction.

One of these candidates could end up being the replacement they are looking for:

1. Chris Getz

Chris Getz could absolutely get a chance at the White Sox GM job.

Chris Getz is already in the Chicago White Sox organization. If someone they already have was going to get the job, it is probably him.

Getz played for the White Sox as a player before stints with the Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays. Since retiring in 2014, he got himself into front office work.

He currently serves as the assistant general manager and head of player development in the organization.

This may or may not be a good idea but it is on the table because of his current position with the team.

Again, it would be nice to see them hire someone from outside of the organization but Getz has been paying his dues.

It is just hard to believe it won't be Rick Hahn 2.0 because of what we know about the franchise as a whole from top to bottom.