White Sox: 3 possible replacements for Pedro Grifol

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The Chicago White Sox are in a bad spot. They are a month into the season and they are already looking like they are lost for the year.

None of this is Pedro Grifol's fault. He hasn't been an amazing manager so far early in his career but the flawed roster built by Rick Hahn is the main issue. He needs to be fired soon too.

However, if they fire the GM, there is a chance that they also fire the manager and it would make complete sense.

If the White Sox did make a crazy move like that to get rid of Grifol this quickly, they are going to need a replacement. One of these three options could be on the table:

1. Charlie Montoyo

Charlie Montoyo is someone who has already been an MLB manager.

The Chicago White Sox hired Charlie Montoyo to be the bench coach under Pedro Grifol ahead of the 2023 season. Well, if they let Grifol go, Montoyo is someone that could be a replacement option.

Before getting this job as the bench coach, Montoyo was the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. While he was the manager there, they had a fair amount of regular-season success.

They were bad in 2019 but had plenty of talent on the rise. Then the 2020 short season came and went but the Jays were in the playoffs to the surprise of some people.

In 2021, they were 91-71 but fell short of the playoffs because of the fact that the AL East was so strong that year. It was still a really good year for his club nonetheless.

In 2022, Montoyo was fired after 88 games and a 2-9 stretch from his team. They were still 46-42 which had them in the race so they made a move. They did end up making the postseason which is something the White Sox were unable to say. He will manage in MLB again one day.