White Sox: 5 blockbuster trades that Rick Hahn should consider this off-season

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3. Max Fried

Max Fried would be truly amazing for the Chicago White Sox rotation.

We have heard about the trade rumors that surround Max Fried of the Atlanta Braves. They might be cutting some payroll which could lead to a guy like this being shipped out. He is a very good pitcher that would be good for any team in the league.

The White Sox have a decent rotation with Dylan Cease, Michael Kopech, Lucas Giolito, Lance Lynn, and Mike Clevinger. The problem is that they are all righties. All of them but Cease is also a bit of a question mark coming into 2023 so that needs to be worked out as well.

Fried is a lefty that is also not even close to a question mark. He would bring that balance that they need in their rotation. They could make one of the righties a reliever, trade one of them, or run with a six-man rotation. There are options if you make a move like this.

Carlos Rodon isn't coming back. He signed with the New York Yankees and will be making a lot of money. As a result, an impactful lefty might have to come in the form of a trade.

By now you have heard the story of Lucas Giolito and Max Fried going to high school together with Ethan Katz as their pitching coach. This is a perfect match for everyone involved.