White Sox are trying to avoid being swept by the worst team in MLB

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are in the worst spot that they’ve ever been in as a franchise. It is very fair to be so annoyed with this team and how things are going right now. 

Although they have been so bad and they are so many games under .500, they are still not completely dead because the AL Central as a whole is terrible. Whoever wins it is still going to be a bad team. 

Things are really bad for the Sox now though after their first two games of this series with the Oakland A’s. They have lost both of them and that just tells you how bad they truly are. 

The A’s are seen as one of the worst teams in the history of the league. They are so bad as a franchise that they might be relocated very soon. Losing a series to a team like that is not something a good team does.

The Chicago White Sox are not a good baseball team at all right now.

Anybody that thinks the White Sox should beat them because they are better is wrong. The Sox are just as pathetic overall. 

The White Sox really had no chance in the first game of the series but they did have a chance to win in the second game. Of course, they blew a late lead that they earned for themselves. 

Now, the Sox have to do what they can to avoid being swept by a team that is currently 23-62. It is just not a good look at all for them. 

Although the A’s are bad, they are still a Major League Baseball team. Some of the time, if not all of the time, they are probably more prepared than the White Sox. They don’t have the talent that the White Sox have though which makes it way worse. 

This should be the final straw for anyone that gets their hopes up when they come back to tie a series with a team down the road or if they are able to pull off one miraculous win. This team is horrible and they are showing it to the world in this series against a team they are much better than. 

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