White Sox: Chicago's major needs at the 2023 MLB Draft

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox
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The 2023 Chicago White Sox are just a bit of a disaster so far. They haven’t had much success on offense this year and their pitching has been woeful with the usual “good guys” struggling a lot lately.

The White Sox need help and may be able to get some talent to develop and utilize in the future soon.

The 2023 Major League Baseball Draft is coming up in July and the White Sox could take advantage of the talent available to help fill some of their needs for the long term.

What are the White Sox's needs? At which positions do they need the most help in the future? Remember, the draft is not an immediate fix like the NFL Draft is. It takes time to develop the players that are drafted and so the White Sox must be forward-thinking.

The Chicago White Sox have lots of needs heading into the MLB Draft.

The first, and perhaps the biggest, need the White Sox have on the team are relief pitchers. We have seen just what a lack of solid bullpen pitching can do. Even though there is a lot of money and talent tied up in that area, they still haven’t quite nailed things down yet.

This is going to be a problem until they find the right pieces to put in place. Now they cannot really wait for bullpen arms to develop because of the time it takes to develop a player but they can certainly get a head start in getting some help and look toward future improvement.

Speaking of future improvement, if you have been privy to knowing who the White Sox have drafted the last couple of seasons and at what positions you will have noticed that they have taken some decent pitchers.

These pitchers are developing and won’t be ready just yet but the White Sox are looking out for their future and they are trying to build an arsenal that they can withdraw players from as they need them.

When it comes to pitching, let’s face it, Lucas Giolito is probably going to be gone after the season, Lance Lynn looks like he’s on the decline and Mike Clevinger is only on a one-year deal.

Michael Kopech is hot and cold while Dylan Cease appears to be in some kind of funk, he’s having trouble getting out of it.

Is it possible that the White Sox do a little bit of a reset with their pitchers and start to bring in new guys or groom their own? 

When it comes to position players, the White Sox need a couple of players at a handful of positions.

Catcher and second baseman stand out. Yasmani Grandal isn’t going to be here much longer and he’s slowing down quite a bit.

Elvis Andrus is not the long-term solution at second base and right now, the White Sox don’t seem to have a younger guy that can take over there. It’s time the White Sox started to groom someone to take over.

The White Sox need to go into this year’s MLB Draft with an eye toward the future with some restocking and rebuilding.

It seems like the White Sox just went through a rebuild but the current team the Sox are putting on the field day in and day out is not cutting it.

The future may be what the White Sox bank on now and their future will be decided, in part, by some of what they do in the 2023 MLB Draft this July. 

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