White Sox: Chris Getz was in the broadcast booth on Friday

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

As you know by now, Chris Getz was hired by the Chicago White Sox last week to be the new Senior Vice President and General Manager. This is obviously big news. 

This decision has been met with lots of scrutiny. Most of the fanbase or anyone who follows the team is against this move. 

It is going to take a while for people to come around to the idea of Getz being the primary decision-maker. A few things might have to go right for Getz to gain the trust. 

On Friday night, Getz joined the Chicago White Sox broadcast booth. The game was aired, as usual, on NBC Sports Chicago. 

It was cool to hear Chris Getz speak in a non-presser environment.

He joined Len Kasper and Steve Stone during the second inning. He had a very nice conversation with them and had some interesting things to say. 

He went over some of his to-do lists, talked about meeting with certain coaches and players after the season, and his thoughts on short-term and long-term goals. 

Everyone believes that Getz is in over his head. That is Jerry Reinsdorf’s problem though. Anyone would accept a GM job in baseball (there are only 30), especially with the salary it comes with. 

It was admirable to see him come on a platform like that to speak. He knows that this is not a popular decision and he probably sees all of the hate online. 

He is just out there trying to make this team better and he believes he will. For now, he’s the GM and we just have to hope that we are all wrong. 

If he sticks to this vision that he mentioned on the broadcast that he has, it may work out. It may not. We’ll see. If it doesn't, hopefully, it doesn't take a decade for change once again like it did last time.

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