White Sox: The closer role might be best for Michael Kopech

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox have undergone several changes over the past week or so with the trade deadline having come and now gone.

Their pitching staff does not look anywhere near what it looked like and it appears as if they are going into full rebuilding mode with that part of the team. The only starters left are Mike Clevinger, Dylan Cease, and the subject of this article, Michael Kopech.

Kopech has had his ups and downs this year. He’s done well at times while at other times he’s really struggled and it hasn’t helped the White Sox. It may be best that the Sox consider putting him in a different role than he’s in now.

That role could be the closer on the team, helping to replace the multitude of closers that the White Sox recently let go including Kendall Graveman, Reynaldo Lopez, Joe Kelly, and Kenyan Middleton.

It might also help with Liam Hendriks out for the next 12-14 months after having Tommy John surgery.

Making Michael Kopech a closer might really help the Chicago White Sox.

The White Sox are going to need help and even though they could also use it at the starting pitcher position, Kopech may be better suited for a closer role than a starting pitcher role.

Kopech is a fine pitcher but he has trouble going the “distance” so to speak and completing six or seven innings of work which is usually what a starting pitcher should give you.

Kopech’s struggles to go far in the game are probably the biggest reason why they might want to delegate him to a closer role.

Kopech is good for a handful of innings and then he seems to collapse. To get good production out of a starting pitcher, you need to get good consistent play.

The White Sox have not been able to get much out of that with Kopech.

With all the changing that’s been going on in the organization, maybe it’s time that the White Sox considered making the move with Kopech.

They can give some other players time to develop into starters and let them figure things out. Then, during the next spring training period, they can determine if Kopech is going to be of any value to the team as a starter.

With that, they can install him as a starter with confidence or keep him as a closer and let him enjoy a career as an important part of the backend of the bullpen.

It might just be the way to go.

Coming into this season, we thought that the White Sox were going to be much better than they are now.

Had they played up to their expectations, there wouldn’t have been the massive “sell-off” that there was at the trade deadline. Things would have continued as normal. So, if changes are the norm for the Chicago White Sox, they need to make one more and make Kopech a closer.

But who would replace Kopech in the rotation? That’s the big question. Right now, the White Sox have a bevy of pitching prospects that might be able to step in and replace him. I am sure that we will get a chance to see these prospects over the course of the next few weeks.

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