White Sox hit rock bottom on Wednesday at Wrigley Field

Chicago White Sox v Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox v Chicago Cubs / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

It honestly didn’t feel like the Chicago White Sox could sink any lower this season. The beauty of baseball is that things can always get better but things can always get worse as well.

On Wednesday night, the White Sox felt the lowest of lows. A night prior, they pulled out a win over the Chicago Cubs. That came after the Cubs took both games at Guaranteed Rate Field in July. 

As a result, the Crosstown Cup was on the line because a tie would keep it with the Sox. They had a 3-0 lead late and looked like they were actually going to do it. 

Mike Clevinger pitched a great game. He allows 0 runs on 3 hits and two walks. He struck out seven Cubs in the process. Unfortunately for him and the Sox, the bullpen didn’t back him up. 

The Chicago White Sox had a terrible game on Wednesday night.

Aaron Bummer, to the surprise of nobody, gave up a run. In fact, old friend Nick Madrigal hit a home run to get the Cubs on the board. Aaron Bummer doesn’t give up a lot of homers (he is just bad in every other way) and Madrigal doesn’t hit a lot of them. Naturally, this had to happen when they met. 

Still, with a 3-1 lead going into the 9th inning, the White Sox had to feel good about things. With Gregory Santos looking for a save on consecutive nights, things were shaky to start. 

He allowed a leadoff double and then a walk. Following that, Christopher Morel came up and hit one out for a walk-off Cubs victory. This is rock bottom for the White Sox. 

With a lead in a game that was going to tie the series with the Cubs, they blew it. It is already embarrassing enough of a season and this made it so much worse. 

This is the type of series that should create change but you know it won’t. Ownership and the front office don’t care about winning or the fans so this is the reality for right now. 

People can say this series doesn’t matter. In terms of it being two interleague teams playing each other, yes, that is true. 

However, the two teams from Chicago playing each other does matter. Each team wants to be better and more popular at any given time. It has been the Cubs for a long time but the White Sox can make it close if they are really good. Right now, they are not even close. 

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