White Sox: If Chicago becomes sellers, these 5 players could be on the trade block

Chicago White Sox v Tampa Bay Rays
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The Chicago White Sox are a very bad team. They have been a little bit better lately which is nice but it doesn't erase the ten-game losing streak that has them in a hole.

The summer will certainly go by fast which means that the White Sox better pick it up soon otherwise they are going to be sellers at the deadline.

It is never fun to see your team go through that but it could be the harsh reality for the White Sox by the time mid-July rolls around.

There are plenty of good players on the White Sox right now that would get attention if they were on the trade block. These five players are the ones that would be the most likely to be shipped off:

1. Lucas Giolito

Lucas Giolito is going to be on the trade block if the White Sox are sellers.

Lucas Giolito has been an incredible player for the White Sox for most of his career despite what you may hear about him.

Once he broke out in 2019, he has been nothing short of a great pitcher outside of one year. 2022 soured a lot of people on him but that was one bad year.

He is proving so far in 2023 that he is back to pitching very well. If the White Sox are sellers at the deadline, Giolito might be the hottest name on the market from their team.

Giolito would create some great depth in an already elite rotation around the league. There are a lot of teams that would love to add an arm like his if he is pitching to his capabilities.

It is unlikely that he will be playing for the White Sox beyond this year unless there is a miracle run for them so they might as well get something good for him.