The White Sox impacted the National League Wild Card race

Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago White Sox
Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago White Sox / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox played a good game on Thursday afternoon. They took a 3-1 victory from the Arizona Diamondbacks on the back of some good pitching and just enough offense. 

The funny thing is that the White Sox played spoiler in this one. The Arizona Diamondbacks could have clinched a postseason berth if they would have completed the sweep against the White Sox but they will have to wait. 

Now, after the White Sox did that, teams like the Chicago Cubs, Miami Marlins, and Cincinnati Reds have to be so happy with them after being upset with them the previous two days. The White Sox increased those teams' chances of making it to the playoffs as they beat a team in their way. 

Now, there are only a few games left for each squad. The Arizona Diamondbacks will leave Chicago and head to play the Houston Astros. That team is fighting for their playoff lives as well so it should be a really good series to watch.

The NL Wild Card race is a crazy thing right now and the White Sox impacted it.

The Miami Marlins are going to stay on the East Coast after a series with the New York Mets to play the Pittsburgh Pirates in a three-game set. The Chicago Cubs will close out the year against the Milwaukee Brewers and the Cincinnati Reds have the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Philadelphia Phillies clinched a Wild Card spot already so that means that these four teams are fighting for two spots. The Diamondbacks and Marlins head into the weekend holding them. It will be interesting to see if the Cubs and Reds can fight their way back in.

As for the lowly White Sox, they will stay at home to face the San Diego Padres. The Padres are a good team but they are just below the Reds in the NL standings and are going to miss the postseason this year. There is no spoiling to be done but it will be one last chance to watch the White Sox.

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