White Sox: Kim Ng is still an option after declining to interview with Red Sox

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The Chicago White Sox are a bad organization looking to turn things around. They fired Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams during the regular season which was a very nice move. However, they hired Chris Getz with no interview process for anyone else which ruined the good vibes right away.

Now, Getz is going to be the man in charge and that won't change for a long time. Fans don't have to like it but it is what it is. At this point, we have to root for Getz to do his job the right way which will lead to the Chicago White Sox winning.

A smart move that he can make would be to bring in Kim Ng who just recently departed from the Miami Marlins. She did a good job helping that organization build up from the bottom and now they have a pretty bright future. You might remember when she fleeced the White Sox in the Jake Burger trade.

Now, she is out there looking for a new job. Whether it is GM, assistant GM, or something else, the Chicago White Sox should be all in on hiring her. Ng's career started with the Chicago White Sox so it would be fitting to bring her back.

The Chicago White Sox should be considering the hire of Kim Ng.

The Chicago White Sox love bringing back people with organizational ties and it is usually a bad idea. This is one of the times that it would actually be a smart move though. We'll see if they are actually capable of making a hire like this.

One team that felt like a favorite to land Kim Ng was the Boston Red Sox. They had a good season but fell victim to the AL East being one of the greatest regular season divisions of all time. That is obviously a much better job than the White Sox for a variety of reasons.

It is available because of the fact that the Red Sox let Chaim Bloom go. Now, they are looking for a replacement as they get ready for a big off-season. However, it doesn't sound like that is going to be the case when it comes to Ng going there.

Ng declined an interview with the Boston Red Sox and that was reported on Friday. We don't know what that means for the other teams that want her but she is for sure not going to the Red Sox. Now, the White Sox are still alive in their potential quest to get her.

If the White Sox are a team that she wants to interview with, they should not hesitate. This would be a great idea for them as they look to get back to winning after the failed rebuild. Her coming out of the Boston Red Sox search is not a bad thing for the Chicago White Sox.

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