The White Sox likely won't catch the Rockies in the lottery standings

Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox
Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox had a good weekend in terms of their play on the field. They took two out of three from the Boston Red Sox which is not something that anyone expected at this point of the season. 

The White Sox also had the lead over the Red Sox in the first game (the one loss of the series) but they blew it late. With Chris Sale on the mound to start for Boston, they hung in there. 

Now, on a two-game winning streak, the White Sox will welcome in the Arizona Diamondbacks for three. The D-Backs are in an incredible NL Wild Card fight right now and need all of the wins they can get. They will be bringing their best to Guaranteed Rate Field. 

The White Sox also have something going on in the standings as well. They are going to be one of the teams heavily invested in the 2023 MLB Draft Lottery when it takes place later this year.

The Chicago White Sox have the fourth worst record in the league.

The Oakland A's have already locked in the worst record in all of baseball. The three worst teams, however, have the same odds of winning the first overall pick. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the White Sox are going to get there.

They never really had a chance to catch the Kansas City Royals but the Colorado Rockies were always in play. After the Rockies were swept by the Chicago Cubs this weekend, they seem to now be locked into a bottom-three finish (top three in the lottery).

The Rockies enter Tuesday with a record of 56-99. The White Sox are sitting with a record of 60-96. They have a 3.5 game lead on the Rockies with six left to play. It is looking like they won't catch them.

If this holds true, the White Sox will miss having a 16.50 percent chance at the number one pick. With the fourth worst record (it is impossibly for the fifth worst team [St. Louis Cardinals] to catch them), they will have a 13.25 percent chance of winning it.

Baseball prospects don't chance franchises like they do in other sports but it would still be nice to see them get the pick so they have a chance at someone amazing. With that, they might as well try to avoid being a 100-loss team now that their fate is pretty much sealed.

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