White Sox News: Luis Robert Jr. is done for the season

Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox
Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox / Paul Rutherford/GettyImages

Things have mostly gone wrong for the Chicago White Sox this season. It has been a complete and total disaster in every way, shape, and form. Now, they are waiting for the off-season to begin so they can start to fix things.

On an individual level, however, things went well for Luis Robert Jr. He had the best season of his career and is a real star in the making. The White Sox only hoped that he would become this good when they first signed him as an international free-agent prospect.

The biggest key for Robert Jr. this season is the fact that he stayed healthy for the entire year. He did not have any major injuries that caused him to miss a long period of time. That was the biggest issue for him early on in his career.

Unfortunately, with six games left to go, the White Sox decided to place Luis Robert Junior on the 15-day injured list. He is down with a mild MCL sprain on his left knee. 

Luis Robert Jr. is going to miss the rest of the season for the White Sox.

Robert Jr. left the game on Sunday in Boston with the injury and he did not return. Now, his season is officially done. He came up five games short of the 150-game mark that he wanted to reach but 145 is not bad at all with all things considered. 

According to the White Sox, he is expected to make a full recovery in 2-4 weeks with rest and recovery. That is obviously good news as he can treat the off-season normally. 

Robert wasn't just good in 2023. He was elite. It is even more impressive when you think about the fact that all of his production came while playing for an incredibly bad team. He had a 4.8 WAR thanks to his incredible defense and offense.

He slashed .264/.315/.542 with the White Sox this season and had an OPS of .857. He hit 38 home runs and had 80 RBIs and 90 runs scored. These numbers are just short of being MVP caliber. The good news is that he still has another gear that he can get to.

Hopefully, Robert can have a strong off-season and get back to camp ready to build on this great year. He was amazing and we will miss watching him during the winter. We can only hope that the White Sox find a way to build a winner around him in the near future.

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