White Sox News: Carlos Rodon has opted out of his San Francisco Giants Contract

Atlanta Braves v San Francisco Giants
Atlanta Braves v San Francisco Giants / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox made a huge mistake by letting Carlos Rodon go in free agency last season. Everyone was worried about his health from the past just because he had some arm scores at the end of 2021 but there was a logical explanation that tells why that happened.

Rodon hadn't pitched in a full MLB season while healthy in a very long time. As a result, he started to run out of gas a little bit at the end of that final season with the White Sox. When he pitched, he was great. However, it was a very painful process for him.

Following that though, it was clear that he was going to be ready for a full season in 2022 because he had 2021 under his belt. Unless he suffered an entirely different injury, he was always going to be just fine. Instead of coming back to Chicago, however, he went to the San Francisco Giants in free agency.

With San Francisco, as expected, he was still elite. In fact, he might get some Cy Young love when the final ballots come out. He pitched in 31 out of a possible 32 starts and he was just enchanted. He had an ERA of 2.88, a WHIP of 1.028, and 237 strikeouts over 178.0 innings pitched.

Former White Sox ace Carlos Rodon was magnificent with the Giants.

All of that accumulated a WAR of 5.4. He also had his second All-Star nod so it was just an exceptional season for him all around. Unfortunately, like the White Sox, the Giants were one of the most disappointing teams in the league in 2022 so it was all for not.

Here we are in early November and the World Series is officially over. The Houston Astros defeated the Philadelphia Phillies to win it in six games. Now, the offseason can officially begin. Every team in the league is trying to get to where the Astros are right now.

One of the big things to come out already is the status of Carlos Rodon. He has opted out of his contract with the San Francisco Giants after this amazing season that he just had. He had to reach a certain number of innings in order to be allowed to do so and he sure did.

The White Sox may or may not look to bring him back but you just never know. It would be a great way to make that horrid decision right. Carlos Rodon belongs in a Chicago White Sox uniform.

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