White Sox make yet another weird roster move on Monday

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are in the middle of a season in which people question pretty much everything that they do. It makes sense because they are not a very smart-looking team.

On Monday, they made another move that made people really question what they are doing at this moment in time.

Prior to their series against the Los Angeles Angels, they sent Jose Rodriguez down to AAA Charlotte and are calling up Adam Haseley.

They didn't even let Rodrigues get one at-bat or one inning defensively. He has one run scored because he made a pinch-running appearance at second base and came around to score.

The Chicago White Sox made a roster move that makes no sense.

It doesn't make much sense to call up 22-year-old prospects just to make them sit there in the dugout for the entire time but the White Sox don't do a lot of things that make sense.

Haseley is an AAAA-type outfielder and we know that for sure so it doesn't make much sense to have him on the roster either.

A move like this just doesn't seem to happen much with other teams. It just feels like the White Sox enjoy doing everything they can the wrong way.

So Rodriguez wasn't ready to play but he was good enough to be an emergency bench piece if there was an injury? That isn't right to do at all.

He will be much better off going back down to AAA Charlotte where he will get back to playing. Hopefully, all this time off didn't hurt the momentum he was building down there.

As for the rest of the team, they have Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout to deal with now with Haseley on the roster. He will honestly probably see some playing time in this series. After a big series win over the Boston Red Sox, they need a big few games from everybody.

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