White Sox miss out on a good second base trade target

Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds
Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have been looking for a long-term second base option ever since they traded Nick Madrigal to the Chicago Cubs in the Craig Kimbrel trade. This offseason is one that they will try to use to make that move whether it be via a trade or a free agent.

Well, one of the better trade targets when it comes to second basemen is now off the board as a big Major League trade was made on Friday.

The Seattle Mariners traded Jesse Winker and Abraham Toro to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for Kolten Wong. It is a swap of an outfielder and an infielder for a one-second baseman. The Mariners increase their chances of winning big with this trade.

In addition to Wong, the Mariners are also getting 1.75 million dollars. That is what it looks like to see a team that is close to being World Series-ready making a move to give themselves a better shot. If only the White Sox could ever run their business like that.

The Chicago White Sox could really use a second baseman like Wong.

In addition to playing Gold Glove-level defense year in and year out (he has won the award twice), he is a very good hitter too for a second baseman. In 2022, he slashed .251/.339/.430 for an OPS of .770. He also hit 15 home runs, had 47 RBIs, 65 runs scored, and 17 stolen bases.

All of these offensive stats in addition to his ability to steal bases and play defense gave him a WAR of 3.1 which is really nice for a player like this. He would have been a perfect fit for the White Sox coming over from the NL but now the Mariners get even better with this move.

There are still plenty of other options out there for the White Sox to consider but Wong would have been a really good one.

Now, we have to hope that a big move is made for some help in this position as it is clearly an area of need for them. You can't necessarily count on the White Sox to make a smart move like this because history isn't on their side but there is hope.

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