White Sox: Monday was a top day in Guaranteed Rate Field's history

Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox had a very big night on Monday evening. They lost the baseball game but that isn't why the night was so special. In fact, it might be the most memorable loss that they have ever had.

That is because of the return that Liam Hendriks made. He battled cancer during the off-season and found a way to completely beat it.

He was able to resume baseball activities and with a little bit of hard work, get back on the Chicago White Sox roster by Memorial Day. It was truly special to watch him work his way back.

Before the game, he had a special moment with his wife Kristi on the field. He was applauded then. He was then applauded when he made his way to the bullpen in the fourth inning. That all set the stage for his entrance into the game.

Liam Hendriks came back to pitch for the Chicago White Sox on Monday.

He was noticed warming up in the bullpen while the White Sox were batting. Then, when it was his time, the music got loud, the lights started flickering, and he did his usual trot to the mound with lots of emotion.

The Los Angeles hitter wouldn't get in the box as a sign of respect. He let Hendriks have his moment with the crowd. There was no pitch clock violation coming for this special moment.

Guaranteed Rate Field (US Cellular Field, New Comiskey Park) has had some fun moments. The White Sox won two World Series games there, two blackout games, and a couple of amazing regular season games were played there.

Amongst all of those in terms of all-time greatness has to be this night with Liam Hendriks. People mostly remember big wins but this was a huge win for humanity. One of the best human beings to ever lace up the spikes beat cancer and returned to the game he loves at the highest level.

This is a night that baseball fans will remember forever. Everyone watching will cherish that memory for as long as they live. That is why it is an all time great moment at that baseball field.

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