White Sox move Lance Lynn to Dodgers in one of these 3 wild trade packages

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are a bad baseball team and everybody knows it. They are going to be sellers at the deadline as a result.

Someone that is getting lots of interest is Lance Lynn. He is reported to be wanted by the Tampa Bay Rays but then it came out that the Los Angeles Dodgers are interested.

Both teams are great and believe they can win the World Series in October. If the Dodgers are going to beat out the Tampa Bay Rays for Lynn, they might have to present a good trade package.

Lance Lynn goes to the Los Angeles Dodgers in one of these three insane trade packages:

Trade One

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The Chicago White Sox are looking for a good return on all of their assets.

The Chicago White Sox already traded Lucas Giolito for a catching prospect. However, the White Sox have not a lot of success with caters so adding as many good young prospects at that position as they can would be smart. 

If the White Sox were to trade Lance Lynn to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Dalton Rushing would be a great option for them. He is a catching prospect that could join the organization and continue to develop. 

The Dodgers already have Will Smith, one of the best catchers in baseball, on their major league roster. They also have Diego Cartaya who is the number one prospect in their system. 

They could absolutely afford to part ways with Rushing and the White Sox would love to have him. Instead of having one good catching prospect, they could have two. That way, they might have a chance at a good catcher next time they are ready to compete. 

Lynn could go to the Dodgers as either a starter or a reliever at this point. Getting a prospect like that for him would be an overpay on the part of the Dodgers but they can afford it to win the bidding war on Lynn.