White Sox News: 5 pitchers were traded in three days

Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves
Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have made some big moves over the last few days. On Wednesday night, the White Sox made a trade that shook up the MLB world.

Hours after the Los Angeles Angels announced that they were in fact keeping Shohei Ohtani rather than trading him, they acquired Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez in exchange for some prospects.

On Friday, the White Sox traded Lance Lynn and Joe Kelly to the Los Angeles Dodgers for a package that included two AA players and Trayce Thompson.

Not long after that, it was announced that they traded Kendall Graveman back to the Houston Astros for one pretty good prospect as well.

The Chicago White Sox are moving out tons of pitchers at the deadline.

That means that the White Sox have traded five pretty good pitchers to contenders in a span of three days. That is a lot of movement.

In return for these pitchers, the White Sox have added some good prospects in return. That includes a few players that are now top-ten prospects in the organization. They now have three top-100 prospects instead of two as well which is nice.

For Lucas Giolito, the top two prospects in the Los Angeles Angels organization have come over. One of them, catcher Edgar Quero, is the aforementioned top-100 prospect. The other one is LHP Ky Bush who is now the number six prospect in the White Sox system.

In the Lance Lynn trade, the White Sox added Trayce Thompson who is an MLB veteran but a pair of AA players are coming back.

Nick Nastrini, a right-handed starter is now the number four prospect in the White Sox system after the trade. Jordan Leasure, a right-handed pitcher, is now their number 26 guy. Clearly, some decent talent is coming over.

As for Graveman, the White Sox got Korey Lee back in the deal. He is a catcher that now sits as the number 13 prospect in the system. Hopefully, he turns into a good Major League contributor.

This is a sad state of affairs for the White Sox but it is what it is. The organization sees how bad things have gotten and they acted on it. It is good to see all of this new talent added but it would be nice to see them winning baseball games instead.

These are just all pitchers that the White Sox have sent away. There are still a few more trades that could be made before the August 1st deadline.

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