White Sox News: A new offensive approach is coming in 2023

Chicago White Sox v San Diego Padres
Chicago White Sox v San Diego Padres / Denis Poroy/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox were a solid team in 2022 when it comes to the number of hits that they had. The problem is, a large portion of them were singles so they didn't produce runs enough to be one of the elite teams in the American League like we thought they were going to be.

Their pitching was pretty good (and is always looking to get better) but it was clear that offense was the biggest of thier issues in 2022 when it comes to the players. It doesn't help that once again they lost a lot of man-games to injury.

In 2023, the hope is that they are going to be a much healthier baseball team. You'd think that the third time is the charm.

Jose Abreu isn't there anymore which is going to be an adjustment but now it is time for the youth of this team to step up.

The Chicago White Sox are going to look better at the plate in 2023.

James Fegan of The Athletic is reporting that there might actually be a complete overhaul to the way that this team approaches hitting in 2023. That is a much-needed adjustment that can help this team win a lot more baseball games. It can also help them develop hitters better.

Hearing that Jose Castro and Chris Johnson believe in driving the ball is a breath of fresh air after what we saw with the previous coaching staff. This team has some amazing players on it that can really hit the ball hard and far.

There is a chance that this team looks entirely different in 2023. They were a shell of themselves in 2022 but this new way of thinking could end up proving to be beneficial to them.

There are some hitters on this team that were too good every year prior to now just assume that they just forgot how to hit.

With a little bit more health, the addition of Andrew Benintendi, and this new offensive approach, the White Sox might get back to scoring some runs. If that ends up being the case, then we just have to hope that the pitching can hold up which should be the case.

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