White Sox News: Correa drama continues, Sale could be traded, and more

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
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It seems as if the Carlos Correa drama has led Major League Baseball news for a few weeks now. Oh, wait, yes it has.

He has been the center of the baseball conversation ever since he signed with the San Francisco Giants because that took the light off of Aaron Judge.

It seemed like Judge was going to go to the Giants but he ended up going back to the New York Yankees. Good thing they landed Correa, right?

Wrong. A bad physical led to a delay in his signing there and he eventually decided to sign with the New York Mets instead, shocking the baseball world.

To nobody's surprise, however, he has been having medical trouble with the Mets as well. They are still trying to work it out but nothing seems to be certain at this point.

Until he signs for sure and is introduced, nothing is official. We should find out soon but it certainly isn't an easy thing for anyone involved. As long as he leaves the AL Central, that is good for the Chicago White Sox.

Carlos Correa's story has led the MLB news for a few weeks in a row now.

Chris Sale trade?

It has been a while since Chris Sale was a member of the Chicago White Sox. He was traded to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Michael Kopech and Yoan Moncada back after the 2016 season and both franchises were forever changed.

Now, after all of that time, it sounds like Sale might be on the trade block again. Boston isn't actively trying to trade him but they are listening to offers. That is certainly worthy of a news mention.

The Chicago White Sox may or may not be willing to bring him back but it is a cool idea to think about. They could definitely use someone who pitches as angrily as Sale who hates losing. They could also use a lefty as bad as anyone in the league.

Other MLB News:

Nathan Eovaldi and Johnny Cueto lead the list of free-agent pitchers still out there. Both of them can provide some really nice play for whatever team it is that signs them.

Of course, Cueto was outstanding for the White Sox in 2022 but they didn't reward him with a trip to the postseason. It would be nice to see him land with a contender soon.

One last thing to mention is the fact that Shohei Ohtani is a free agent next off-season. The debate on what he is going to get is already out there and it is going to be a huge story to follow over the next few months leading up to the season. Prepare for madness on that front.

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