White Sox News: Adding Trevor Bauer would be a complete disaster

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On Thursday, an arbitrator ruled a reduction on Trevor Bauer's domestic violence suspension that would reinstate him effective immediately. The Los Angeles Dodgers have some time to make a decision on him but the expectation is that they are going to release him.

That is a smart move by the Dodgers as they don't need this guy. He still might be a fantastic pitcher on the field but what he brings off the field is not even close to worth it. You can tell that he is just a bad dude based on the allegations against him.

This arbitrator ruling doesn't mean that Major League teams have to let him play if they don't want him to. The Dodgers have plenty of other great pitchers on their roster to use instead. Bauer is meaningless to them at this point.

The Chicago White Sox should not even slightly consider bringing him into the mix when that possible time comes. They have already made enough bad moves that aren't popular within the fanbase but this might push people over the edge.

The Chicago White Sox have no business dealing with Trevor Bauer.

It isn't certain that he would even be good anymore as he hasn't faced a Major League hitter in over a year but he just also, as mentioned before, is a bad person.

Bauer has a well-known public friendship with Mike Clevinger which is a reason to even think that Bauer would want to in the first place. He would be a league minimum pitcher too which is something the White Sox love to hear but this should be off the table.

It just doesn't make sense for the White Sox in any way. They are better than that. Things haven't been amazing on the field in a while but this signing certainly wouldn't change that.

Trevor Bauer is also a right-handed pitcher and the White Sox don't need another one of those. He would give them an overload of that type which isn't ideal. Again, there is just no reason for a signing like this.

The White Sox should put all of their focus back on bringing good vibes back to this organization. Winning can do that and bringing in the right people can help. Bauer is not the right person in any way, shape, or form.

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