White Sox News: Andrew Benintendi believes in Pedro Grifol

Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals
Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals / Reed Hoffmann/GettyImages

Andrew Benintendi is with the Chicago White Sox at spring training now. This comes after he signed the biggest contract in the history of the franchise earlier this off-season. Now, he is getting ready to try and help this team have a bounce-back year.

Benintendi started his career with the Boston Red Sox where he was absolutely incredible. He had plenty of clutch hits and defensive plays which allowed the Red Sox to be a better team.

In 2018, they were one of the best teams in MLB history as they dominated the regular season and then won the World Series. Benintendi was a very good player for them and they might not have won it all if he wasn't there.

He then spent some time with the Kansas City Royals before making his way (via trade) to the New York Yankees. With the Yankees in 2022 following the deadline, Benintendi got to be a part of the playoff run they made before the Houston Astros cut them short.

The Chicago White Sox are hopinig for the new additions to perform well.

He still hasn't found that second World Series ring but he clearly liked something about Chicago. They went out and got him as they wanted him before he was even drafted but Boston beat them to it. Now, he is hoping for big things to happen again for himself at this stage of his career.

Earlier this week, Benintendi was asked about Pedro Grifol. These two spent time together in Kansas City with Benintendi there as a player and Grifol as the bench coach. Now, they are hoping to have some more good times in their careers.

Clearly, based on his response to being asked about Grifol, Benintendi has high praise for him and believes in him as the manager of this team. That is good to hear that from someone that has actual experience with him during the 162-game grind and not just phone calls.

Hopefully, everyone involved here is able to live up to their potential. Benintendi has high praise for this new manager and he has seen some good managers in his career. It would be nice to see all of this turn into wins.

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