White Sox News: Another pitcher trade has taken place

Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves
Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have been making all sorts of trades lately. Well, they made another good one on Tuesday right at the buzzer. With minutes to go before the deadline, Chicago has traded relieverr Keynan Middleton to the New York Yankees.

Before the deal, the Yankees were the only Major League Baseball team to not make a trade since July 1st. Now, every team in the league has.

Middleton has had a really nice season with the Chicago White Sox. He started to get a chance when the White Sox made a last-minute effort to fix their bullpen and he took advantage of his opportunity. Now, he gets a chance to play in New York.

This isn't the typical trade deadline for a team like the New York Yankees. Normally, getting traded there means you are being traded into a playoff situation.

The Chicago White Sox sent Keynan Middleton to the New York Yankees.

Although the Yankees aren't horrible, they are in last place because they play in the AL East which might be the best team in Major League history. It is fascinating to see what has happened.

Middleton will at least get to pitch in a few games that are more exciting than those he would have otherwise played in Chicago. Who knows, maybe the Yankees will go on a run now that Aaron Judge is back and they can get in. We'll see.

Earlier before the Middleton trade, the White Sox traded Jake Burger to the Miami Marlins. Outside of that, they were pretty quiet on trade deadline day. They have, however, traded seven of their players in the last week or so. There are big changes coming.

Out of all the madness that happened on trade deadline day, it is a bit surprising that this was the last minute move that the White Sox made. We'll see how Middleton pitches in the coming weeks with his new team.

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