White Sox News: Another series opening loss is very frustrating

Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox
Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox were given a brand new slate of games to begin the week. That always brings hope that this is when they figure it out. So far, this season has been a grind. 

A part of this grind is the battle for certain players to even be on the roster. The fact that the team stinks makes it even harder to evaluate certain things. 

Before the game/series against the Texas Rangers started, the White Sox made some moves. One of them was the call-up from AA for Jose Rodriguez

Of course, there was all this debate online over the move just for him to not even play. It was the most White Sox day of all time. Having him called up just to not play him is crazy. 

The Chicago White Sox made some moves ahead of Monday's game.

The White Sox also called up Nick Padilla from AAA Charlotte. These two took the roster spots of Romy Gonzalez (10 Day IL) and Lance Lynn (Bereavement). 

It was a bullpen game for the White Sox as they don’t have six starters so when someone goes down they are in trouble. Mike Clevinger is that starter that is missing due to injury. 

It went exactly like you thought it would, Tanner Banks was the opener and he allowed 3 runs over 3.2 innings pitched. That felt like an insurmountable deficit. 

Of course, it was. Andrew Vaughn and Luis Robert Jr. went back to back with solo shots to cut the lead to one run for Texas. Of course, good things don’t last for the 2023 White Sox.

The next half-inning saw Aaron Bummer give those two runs right back. That 5-2 score ended up being the final. It was another well-played game by White Sox opponents. 

Losing all of these games is tough. The White Sox have won a lot of middle games of a series but the first and last ones have been an issue. It would be nice to see the middle trend continue while finding a way to win a series. Don’t count on it though. 

The aforementioned middle game will take place on Tuesday night. Dylan Cease is going to face Nathan Eovaldi. This is a great pitching matchup and it should make for an entertaining game. 

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