White Sox News: Benintendi introduced, Devers off the table, and more

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The Chicago White Sox made the Andrew Benintendi signing officially official earlier this week which finally came following the holiday season.

On Wednesday, the team officially introduced him. He spoke, put on a White Sox jersey, and revealed that he is wearing number 23. To be honest, it was a really cool day.

He seems to think that he fits in well with this team and rightfully so. The White Sox have wanted him for a very long time and they are finally going to get him.

He is their left fielder right now and the team is trying to figure out where to fit people in around him. Benintendi isn't a superstar or anything like that but he is a really good player that will make a big impact.

The White Sox and the MLB are having a big return from the holidays.

Rafael Devers is off the table:

The Chicago White Sox aren't the only big MLB team to have major news announced this week. Following a one-year deal to avoid arbitration, the Boston Red Sox revealed that they are extending Rafael Devers to an 11-year deal worth 331 million dollars. This is amazing news for them.

Devers is off the table now for the White Sox or any team in the league that might have been interested in his services via a trade. The White Sox were unlikely to ever make a move like that but you always have to think about it when a player like that could be on the move.

Devers will now continue to be one of the best in the business playing with this Boston Red Sox team who are, like the White Sox, trying to compete again next year after a very disappointing 2022 season.

Other MLB News:

We aren't at a part of the MLB season where there is major news every day but this week has been somewhat filled with news.

Outside of the Benintendi/Devers stuff, there are some people in town that are going to be happy about Eric Hosmer signing a one-year deal with the Chicago Cubs. They are trying to compete again in 2023 so we will see if this is a signing that helps him do so.

With the White Sox offseason incomplete (clearly), it would be nice to see them make another addition or two before spring training begins. A lot can be done to avoid a repeat of what was the 2022 disaster.

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