White Sox News: Benintendi signs, McCann rumors, and more

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

This has been a strange time to be a Chicago White Sox fan. They haven't been the biggest spenders of any team in the league which is really annoying but they still gave out the biggest contract in the history of the franchise.

Andrew Benintendi is coming to the White Sox on a five-year deal worth 75 million dollars. He is going to be the new left fielder on this team as they try to bounce back from what was a disappointing 2022 season.

Eloy Jimenez is sure to become the full-time DH as long as he is healthy which should work out well but they still need to figure out the right field position.

There is a chance that Oscar Colas wins that job which would be exciting because his MLB potential is really high. It will be interesting to see how that goes.

There is plenty of fun news surrounding the Chicago White Sox right now.

James McCann Rumors:

There are rumors around the league that James McCann is going to be on the trade block. With the signing of Omar Narvaez, the New York Mets have four catchers on the roster that are all MLB caliber.

James McCann is the most movable one of them all from a Mets point of view. He wasn't as good with them as he was with the White Sox prior. He might be able to return to a similar form if he came back to the south side but you never know.

With the way that Yasmani Grandal played in 2022, it is fitting to see that they might be exploring a different option. McCann might make a lot of sense.

Around The MLB:

The Chicago White Sox aren't the only Chicago team making waves. The Chicago Cubs signed Dansby Swanson over the weekend in what has become a blockbuster signing. Now, all four of the big shortstops on the market have signed for over a billion dollars combined.

Most of the big free agents are off the books now but there are still a few mid-players that are looking for homes. It will be interesting to see if the White Sox become interested in any of them.

This offseason has seen a lot of teams go through waves of excitement. Right now, it is hard to understand how good the White Sox will be in 2023 because they need some of their own guys to produce. Adding any of these other free agents will certainly help though.

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