White Sox News: Carlos Correa could become available again

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The story of Carlos Correa is a wild one. First, he was a superstar for the Houston Astros after being the number one overall pick in the 2012 MLB Draft. The Astros built a very good team and eventually won the World Series in 2017.

Then, Correa became one of the most unlikable players in the league following the reveal of the cheating scandal that has now tainted their championship that year. After it all came out, he didn't respond to it all that well.

However, he has since proved that he is a very elite player with or without the sign stealing. His bat has remained elite and his Gold Glove defense at shortstop is unmatched. When he became a free agent in 2021, many teams were after him.

He ended up strangely signing a deal with the Minnesota Twins who were the last team that anybody thought he'd even be talking to. It was a multi year deal but he had opt-outs after every year and he exercised it after the 2022 season didn't go that well for the Twins as a team.

Carlos Correa could be on the move once again but we don't know.

Correa had an outstanding year though so nobody looking for a shortstop is scared to give him a lot of money based on his production. However, there is a problem that Correa is now dealing with that is causing some havoc around the league.

We know that Carlos Correa is no longer going to be a Chicago White Sox division rival (it doesn't seem like) but we don't know for sure how the rest of his off-season is going to go.

Correa signed a big time contract with the San Francisco Giants a few weeks ago and it looked like he was potentially going to finish his career in the Bay Area.

Unfortunately for Giants fans (who have had a bad off-season), the deal went south because of a bad physical from Correa. Something is wrong that made the Giants get cold feet with his introductory press conference. Less than a day later, he signed a similar contract with the New York Mets instead.

Over the holiday weekend though, news came out of a problem with the Mets and his physical as well. He hasn't changed teams again yet but nothing is set in stone because of whatever this health issue is for him.

Correa could become available again or he could work something out with the Mets still. Now that Christmas is over, you can expect a resolution soon. For Chicago White Sox fans, we know they aren't getting him but we want him out of the AL Central division because he is that god.

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