White Sox News: Carlos Correa might be coming back to the AL Central

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

The off-season that Carlos Correa is going through right now is unlike any we have ever seen before. He is on his second team of the off-season and could very well be on his way to his third. Who knows if that is the team he will stick with either. Anything is up in the air right now with him.

Correa signed last off-season with the Minnesota Twins after having a star-studded tenure with the Houston Astros. After watching his former team win the World Series in October, he opted out of his contract with the Twins and became a free agent again.

In early December, he signed a mega-deal with the San Francisco Giants. However, they didn't like something about his physical and decided to think twice about it. While they were thinking, Correa went and struck a deal with the New York Mets who have been spending so much money.

Now, however, the Mets have cold feet because of his failed physical. There is something there that is keeping the deal from getting done. All of the sudden, the San Francisco Giants don't look so foolish after all. Correa is in danger of two teams skipping out on their chance to sign him.

The White Sox don't want to see Carlos Correa return to the division.

It sounds like talks are heating up with the Minnesota Twins now for Correa. He very well could be working to come back to his team from a year ago. With them, he'd be knowing the situation because he was already there and he knows a lot of his teammates.

The Mets planned on having Correa play third base because of the fact that they have Francisco Lindor at shortstop and Jeff McNeil at second base. However, he would get the chance to play his natural position of shortstop for sure if he went back to the Twins.

This is bad for the White Sox. They are already in a bad spot because of how badly their 2022 season went. They finished ahead of the Twins who had Correa but there is no guarantee that they will do that again.

The Cleveland Guardians will come into 2023 as the division favorites but the Twins getting Correa will help make them a better team. Hopefully, the White Sox are able to overcome both but it would be easier if the Mets just figure it out with their potential new third baseman.

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