White Sox News: Carlos Rodon doesn't look right with the Yankees

New York Yankees Introduce Carlos Rodon
New York Yankees Introduce Carlos Rodon / New York Yankees/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox made a very poor choice in 2021-22 when they let Carlos Rodon walk for nothing. He went to the San Francisco Giants and pitched very well for them. If the White Sox had him in 2022, things might have turned out differently for them.

With the Giants, Rodon pitched in enough innings to opt out of his contract to become a free agent again. He did just that to test the market for the second winter in a row. Well, the White Sox were in on him as they seem to be for a lot of people but didn't get it done.

Instead, Rodon went to the New York Yankees on a six-year deal worth 162 million dollars. It is a very large contract for one of the best pitchers in the world.

The problem for the White Sox was that he was either injured or inconsistent for most of his White Sox tenure. It wasn't until his amazing 2021 season when the White Sox saw him become the pitcher that they drafted third overall. Now, he is cashing in because of it.

The Chicago White Sox should have never let Carlos Rodon go last year.

A concern for Rodon going forward is always going to be his injury history but we have two years in a row now where he was elite and healthy at the same time. That is enough proof to show that he is good to go moving forward.

He may deal with little things here and there but everyone does. There is no doubt that other injuries are possible but when a pitcher is this good it is okay to take that kind of risk. Now, the Yankees get to enjoy him because of bad decisions made by the White Sox.

On Thursday, the Yankees introduced Carlos Rodon and the fact that they signed him. He came out clean-shaven because of the outdated "appearance policy" that doesn't allow Yankees players to have facial hair. He just doesn't feel good seeing him wear those colors without his awesome beard.

Some players should be kept if possible and Rodon should have been one of those for the White Sox. Instead, we get to watch him clean shaved with the Yankees. It just isn't right.

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