White Sox News: Carlton Fisk's birthday brings back fond memories

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Monday, December 26th is Carlton Fisk's 75th birthday! As we wish a happy birthday to one of the team's biggest legends, it is easy to recall lots of fond memories of his playing days. He is surely one of the greatest players to ever play for the Chicago White Sox in their long storied history.

In 1967, the Boston Red Sox made Carlton Fisk the fourth overall pick in the draft. That was a wise decision as he was an amazing player for them for 11 years. We're talking Rookie of the Year, Gold Gloves as a catcher, multiple All-Star appearances, and lots of high finishes for MVP.

It was great for him in Boston but he became a Chicago White Sox legend as well after those 11 years with Boston.

In 1981, Fisk became one of the greatest free agent signings in Chicago White Sox history. He ended up playing for the White Sox for 13 years where he continued his Hall of Fame career by winning Silver Sluggers and making All-Star Game appearances. It was quite an amazing journey for him.

The Chicago White Sox had some amazing moments with Carlton Fisk.

This reminds us of a time when the White Sox were one of the premier teams in the league that people wanted to play for. They landed a free agent that left the Boston Red Sox to come to the south side. The thought of that happening in 2022 seems crazy but it was the way it was.

Fisk ended up, as mentioned before, in the Baseball Hall of Fame and is one of the greatest catchers to ever put on a big league uniform. Few were ever able to accomplish the things that he did while playing that very hard position. It was quite impressive.

The two teams he played for never really had championship success during his time but they still did plenty of winning. He only played in 45 games during his last season of 1993 but it was impressive to see him still going at 45 years old. That is another thing you just don't see much anymore.

Hopefully, his 75th birthday is filled with everything good for him. White Sox fans will always remember number 72 fondly as they look up at it when they attend games to this day.

These are some amazing memories and we'd like to have more like it coming up sometime very soon in the future of the team.

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