White Sox News: Chicago loses to Arizona again

Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago White Sox
Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are as bad as any team in the league. That is why nobody should be surprised that they lost again to the Arizona Diamondbacks. It was truly a terrible game for a terrible team. Any of the National League Wild Card hopefuls that were rooting for them were let down badly.

Of course, the Diamondbacks are in the thick of this Wild Card race. Now, they took the second game of three against the White Sox and are now looking really good with four games to go. The Miami Marlins, Chicago Cubs, and Cincinnati Reds are going to have to battle for that last spot.

The Arizona Diamondbacks scored three runs in the third inning and turned that into a 3-0 win. They got the runs that they needed and put the White Sox away using their pitching from there. Chicago had 8 hits but they weren't able to bring any of them around to score.

The Sox didn't even walk a single time which is absolutely terrible. The bullpen didn't give up a single run following a bad start from Luis Patino who only went 2.1 innings before giving up the three runs. The offense was, as mentioned before, unable to pick up the pitching staff that actually did okay.

The Chicago White Sox had no chance against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Now, the White Sox come into this final game of the series hoping to avoid being swept. They are also 60-98 now so reaching 100 losses feels very likely at this point. Only the worst of the worst reach that and the White Sox are right there.

This makes two straight games where they looked completely lifeless at home. It is a shame that they can't even be competitive in a spoiler role. We'll see if they make a complete fool of themselves on Thursday with all of the $1 ticket fans in attendance.

Touki Toussaint is going to go on the mound for the White Sox but the Arizona starter is still unknown. At this point, fans should expect it to be a complete disaster.

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