White Sox News: Chicago signs 17 of their 20 draft picks

The White Sox signed 17 of their 20 draft picks, and some have significant upside potential that can help bring winning baseball to the south side of Chicago.

2023 MLB Draft presented by Nike
2023 MLB Draft presented by Nike / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

With the way the last couple of years have panned out for the Chicago White Sox, they were in need of a successful 2023 draft class.

While there is never an accurate representation of what a draft pick will end up doing in their professional baseball career, the White Sox seemed to of drafted a variety of players with an abundance of upside.

The White Sox signed 17 of their 20 draft picks. There are a few that are worth noting at the moment as the development will begin right away.

The principal and most significant signing was Jacob Gonzalez, a shortstop out of the University of Mississippi who slashed .327/.435/.564 with 10 home runs and 51 runs batted in this season.

The Chicago White Sox are looking toward the future in a lot of ways.

With rumors going around that Tim Anderson's future will likely revolve away from the White Sox, Gonzalez becomes a part of the plan for the future.

The White Sox now have three primary middle infielders in the system that should eventually get a chance in the big leagues at some point in time. The three are Lenyn Sosa, who has been in the majors already before but struggled, Colson Montgomery, and now Jacob Gonzalez.

Their second-round pick Grant Taylor was another draft pick that should end up panning out. The right-handed pitcher from LSU missed out on the 2023 season due to a Tommy John injury.

Both the organization and Taylor believe he can get back to where he was before the injury and potentially even better.

Seth Keener was their third-round pick drafted out of Wake Forest. Keener was a starter and reliever in 2023, going 8-2 with a 2.69 ERA. He strikes out a lot of people, and the White Sox believe he can be a big part of their starting rotation in the future.

The White Sox took three college athletes that have the chance to get to the major leagues quickly.

This organization has a significant chance of looking different after the 2023 Trade Deadline and it will be interesting to see how they combine this year's draft class with the prospects they get from "selling the team" if that's what they elect to do.

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