White Sox News: Chris Getz is quietly making tons of hires

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are under new leadership. Of course, Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams were fired because of the events that have made 2023 such a poor season. In their place, Chris Getz has taken over as both the President and General Manager.

He is in a very difficult position right now. He has a bad owner above him and he was left a big mess by the guys that were in place before him. It is also not a position that he has necessarily earned so people question his ability to do the job.

This is going to go one of two ways, he is either going to be great and prove everyone wrong or he is going to fail and everyone will complain about how he should have never been hired. If it ends up being the former, he will become a truly well-respected executive in the game.

He is waiting for this season to be over so he can start making roster moves that get them going in the right direction. As we speak, however, he is quietly getting ready for those moments. It starts by surrounding himself with other people to help him make decisions.

The Chicago White Sox made some front office hires over the last day.

On Wednesday, we learned that Chris Getz has hired Josh Barfield who will be leaving the Arizona Diamondbacks for this job. He is going to be the Assistant General Manager for Chris Getz in his new role.

Brian Bannister is leaving the San Francisco Giants to join the White Sox. He is going to specialize in pitching development. That makes two former Giants people who are now with the Sox to help out with something related to pitching. Obviously, Ethan Katz is the other.

The third person hired so far is Gene Watson. They are leaving the Kansas City Royals to come to the White Sox and help with player personnel. Hopefully, this former Kansas City Royals employee helps the organization more than Pedro Grifol.

Only time will tell if these hires end up working out well for the White Sox. Chris Getz clearly has a plan of what he wants to do. White Sox fans just have to hope that it ends up working out. It is easy to be skeptical because of the past but making hires from outside the organization is a decent start.

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