White Sox News: Dallas Keuchel has yet another MLB destination

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The Chicago White Sox have plenty of their own problems. They are happy that Dallas Keuchel is no longer a reason for their problems though.

He bounced around a little bit in 2022 after the White Sox gave him the good ol' DFA early on in the season.

Keuchel was not with a team to start this season. That was until Thursday when he signed a minor league contract with the Minnesota Twins.

He is probably going to get some starts in their system and we will see if he is able to get the call-up to the big league level once again.

Dallas Keuchel is trying to come back to Major League Baseball.

Obviously, none of that is guaranteed but it feels likely that he will get a chance at some point. Who knows, maybe he will even end up making a start against the White Sox.

At this point, it is fair to think that he'd face the White Sox lineup and dominate them. Nothing should be put past this group.

This is an odd move for the Twins. There shouldn't be any reason to think that Keuchel is going to come in and succeed.

They are currently in first place in the AL Central but that isn't something to brag about at this point. The Cleveland Guardians are right on their tale too so it will be interesting to see how that all ends.

It is a shame that this is what has become of the Dallas Keuchel experience. He was amazing for the White Sox in 2020 and okay in the first half of 2021.

It did get bad enough both on and off the field where it became obvious that he needed to go. If he gets some starts for the Twins, that means they really need some pitching as they try to hold onto the division down the stretch. It will all depend on his play in MiLB.

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