White Sox News: Elvis Andrus collects his 2,000th career hit

San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox
San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

The year is 2023 and Elvis Andrus is still playing Major League Baseball. Earlier this off-season, he signed with the Chicago White Sox on a one-year deal holding 1,998 career hits.

With a hit in the first series in Houston, he left him one shy of tremendous achievement.

Today, during the second game of a three-game stint with the San Francisco Giants, that accomplishment became a reality.

Chicago White Sox's own Elvis Andrus is a member of the 2000 hit club.

While the start of his season hasn't gone of great as he has planned, today's hit secures his spot in the 2,000-hit club and he is now the fourth active player in major league baseball to achieve something at that huge of a level.

Elvis Andrus is in his 15th major league season and 1st full-length season as a member of the Chicago White Sox. His time in Chicago has been very productive as a whole. Hopefully, now that he has surpassed 1,999 hits, he can get back to where he was for the club in 2022.

He will be remembered by most people who follow the game of baseball as a Texas Ranger but for Elvis to accomplish this accolade as a White Sox will always be reflected in the city of Chicago. Many at the game today gave him a round of applause, and rightfully so.

Elvis Andrus was a great addition to this team on the field and in the clubhouse. He is a leader who has played for many successful baseball teams during his time in Texas. He has played in big-level games and his job is to correlate/advise his mindset with this entire Chicago White Sox roster.

Andrus was obviously pumped about the base hit that trickled past the Giants' second basemen David Villar's glove and into right-center field.

Daryl Boston showed nothing but smiles and love for the veteran. Elvis was all smiles with Boston as well. He immediately threw his arms in the air and smiled towards his club's dugout.

Elvis Andrus now has some momentum from his big hi, and hopefully, that continues. If it does, it would lead toward a very successful 2023 season for him.

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