White Sox News: Liam Hendriks has closed out cancer

Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox
Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox received some great news from their closer on Wednesday afternoon. Liam Hendriks announced on his Instagram that rung the bell after months of cancer treatment. It is truly one of the coolest moments that we are going to see this season.

Right before the home opener, Liam announced that he had his final treatment to go and now it is clear that it worked for him. It is an awesome story of perseverance and willingness to get better from something so horrible. We knew he could do it.

Liam had a lot of people to thank in his post. He thanked his wife, his family, the doctors, and the fans. Of course, without the support of those around you, things become extra hard. It is good to know that Liam had the people around him that he needed to get through this.

Now, we can look forward to Liam Hendriks returning to baseball action on the south side of Chicago. The Chicago White Sox certainly need him in their bullpen. He is an elite closer that will help this team when he is ready to return.

Liam Hendriks is a remarkable human being that should be celebrated.

Baseball obviously comes second but it is still something that Hendriks loves to do and seeing him do it after all he has been through will be so special.

In the message that he gave on the home opener, he did say he'd be back soon. The White Sox also didn't put him on the 60-Day IL for a reason and Rick Hahn made the claim that it went that way on purpose.

As good of a baseball player as Liam is, he is an even better human being. If there was a Hall of Fame for being a great person, Liam would make it on the first ballot. The amount of work he does for multiple communities is incredible and should be recognized.

This was just the story that humanity needed on a Wednesday afternoon. Now, the next step is seeing Liam back on the mound giving that fist pump after a big win. We do know that he already earned the biggest win he could get this season.

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