White Sox News: Elvis Andrus is coming back to Chicago

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox were looking like a team that is going to use Romy Gonzalez as their second basemen in 2023. Obviously, that is not what is ideal for a team trying to win a division and maybe, even more, this year. Those guys might be good one day but they aren't it right now.

Thankfully, right before position players report to spring training, they made a move. They are bringing back Elvis Andrus on a one-year deal. They added him late in 2022 when Tim Anderson went down. He was very good for them to end the season.

Unfortunately, they weren't able to take advantage of his good play as they fell off hard by the end of the year. However, if Andrus is there when the rest of the team is playing well, things might turn out to be very different for them.

Tim Anderson is ready to go for the Sox this year so what are they going to do with Andrus? Well, he will be the guy at second base now. Gonzalez and Sosa will surely get a chance at some point but having Andrus there is much more ideal.

The White Sox are bringing back Elvis Andrus for the 2023 season.

Andrus has never played second base before but he is the type of veteran that can do that for sure. Tim Anderson and Andrus should be able to make some really nice plays in the middle of the infield if they develop some chemistry during spring training.

Andrus will also help them in their batting order as well. He can be a really good number-nine hitter that helps the White Sox turn over the lineup in timely spots.

If he can hit as well as he did to end 2022, this White Sox lineup might actually end up being pretty good again. They need everyone else to play well too but there is one less weak spot in the order. That will surely make them much tougher to beat on a regular basis.

Adding Andrus will bring the negativity down just a little bit. He brings good play and good vibes which is what this team needs. If everyone stays relatively healthy, this can be a good team. It is nice to know that Elvis Andrus is coming back.

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