White Sox News: ESPN gives two prospects some big-time love

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

This week, ESPN has released their top 100 MLB Prospects. This is a list made by Kiley McDaniel who is an outstanding MLB Insider. This list is loaded with great talent that is going to be very big for the league over the next few years. A lot of these kids are going to become stars.

McDaniel was actually more generous to the Chicago White Sox than MLB Pipeline was earlier this off-season. Each of them has two White Sox players on their lists but the ESPN seems to think a little bit differently about who the second best Sox prospect is.

On MLB Pipeline, Oscar Colas came in at number 85 which is good but McDaniel completely snubbed him from the ESPN list. He is not ranked on it at all.

Instead, the second best prospect according to his list is Bryan Ramos. Ramos is a third base prospect that is starting to become better known in the baseball prospect world.

The Chicago White Sox do have some great prospects to look forward to.

MLB Pipeline didn't have him in the top 100 but this list likes him a lot more. Having three prospects on the radar, however, is certainly better than only having two.

The great news is that Colson Montgomery is starting to get respect from literally everyone. He came in at number 38 for MLB Pipeline but Kiley McDaniel and ESPN like him so much more than that. He comes in on this list at number 15 which is outstanding.

Montgomery is a shortstop right now but a lot of folks in the industry think that he is going to end up being a third baseman in the long term. There would certianly be nothing wrong with that. He slipped to the White Sox in the 2021 MLB Draft and he is looking to reward them for taking him.

This kid had a chance to play basketball at a high collegiate level but he opted to go with baseball. Hopefully, he made the right decision because that will mean he made it to the Major Leagues.

Of everyone mentioned here, Colas is the closest to being MLB ready as he will likely play this year. However, seeing Bryan Ramos get some love is really good to see. Also, the hype around Colson Montgomery is really starting to become exciting.

2023 is a big year for the organization in every way and seeing these guys take big steps again is a part of it all.

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