White Sox News: Two prospects named in the top 100

Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim / Victor Decolongon/GettyImages

MLB Pipeline released its brand new list of the top 100 MLB Prospects on Thursday night. It is always nice to see how these guys across the league are progressing through their careers.

As baseball fans, all of these prospects are interesting and fun to watch. Each and every one of them are working really hard to make it to the major leagues and having a high ranking on this list is a great start.

The Chicago White Sox have two players ranked in the top 100 which is really nice for them at this stage as there was a little bit with none or one.

Colson Montgomery comes in at number 38 and Oscar Colas comes in at number 85. Those are pretty good rankings for prospects trying to make it to the big leagues.

The White Sox have two really good prospects ranked in the Top 100.

Of course, Montgomery has a higher ceiling but his talent is a little bit rawer at this point. He has a long way to go before he makes his MLB debut. It will be interesting to see if shortstop is in his future but the White Sox would love to turn him into an impact player.

As for Oscar Colas, his ceiling might be lower than Montgomery but he is close to being ready for the big leagues. In fact, there is a chance that he is in the starting lineup on Opening Day. He could end up being the White Sox's right fielder of the future.

The White Sox, believe it or not, are not the team in the AL Central with the lowest amount of top-100 prospects. That status belongs to the Kansas City Royals who only have one. Both the Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers have three and the Cleveland Guardians remarkably have seven.

The highest-rated player in the division is Daniel Espino who comes in at 16th overall in the league. Brooks Lee of the Minnesota Twins is at 31 but Colson Montgomery is right behind for the third-highest in the division at 38.

Keeping the minor league system going well while winning at the big league level is really important because that is the best way to sustain success. Obviously, there are a lot of issues to be fixed here in the organization but these two players are very important.

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